This CS:GO program randomizes the source code of the hack file and recompiles it to produce a hack that is virtually new. What this does is it allows you to bypass VAC detection and make the hack undetectable until VAC finds a new way to detect it. The way VAC works right now is it detects the signature of the hack, but this program randomizes the signature thus bypassing VAC detection.

How to use this program
    CS:GO PolyLoader VAC bypass
  1. Download and extract the archive
  2. Download Visual Studio 2013 Express Edition
  3. Install Visual Studio 2013 Express
  4. Right click on PolyLoader -> Run as administrator
  5. Select the CS:GO hack you want to use
  6. Click on Compile
  7. Enjoy the undetected hack

Note: While this program can make it so a hack is undetectable, it does not guarantee that every hack will become 100% undetectable. That said, no hack is 100% undetectable. This program simply greatly reduces the chances of getting detected. Also, this only works with hacks that provide the source code.


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