FlyFF Hacks Cheats God mode

This FlyFF hack features
  • Item creation on any server
  • Attack anything with melee attack, ranged attack or magic attack
  • Double damage with blade
  • 225% damage with Bow or Wand
  • Teleport hack
  • Client-sided administrator
  • Client-sided chat protection bypass
  • Ability to upgrade anything to maximum
  • Re-awakening with one click and no cool down
  • Re-gemming of ultimate weapons with no cool down
  • Ability to crash another client by selecting it
  • Server-sided God mode
  • Server-sided Invisible mode
  • Server-sided One-hit-kill mode
How to use this FlyFF cheat
  1. Download and extract the hack
  2. Make sure you have installed MSVC++ redustributable 2010 and the .NET Framework 4
  3. Move AntTweakBar.dll into the FlyFF folder of the server you want to hack
  4. Run Injector.bat and NOT Injector.exe
  5. Run FlyFF
Note: If the FlyFF server does not use Neuz.exe then right click on Injector.bat and replace Neuz.exe with the file name the target server is using.

Edit June 16, 2015: Fixed broken download link.


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