This hack features:
- 1 hit KO
- God mode
- 45k CP


1.) Go to where you installed Rakion, e.g. C:\Program Files\Softnyx\Rakion\
Go to the \BIN folder

2.) Inside place the msvcp71.dll and ItemStatHack.dll included (if asked to replace existing msvcp71.dll, click yes)

3.) Log-in and once Rakion is loaded up and came to server list, simply press F1 3x and wait for 3-5 minutes....wait for 2 message boxes to appear and simply click OK on both.

4.) Dont forget to have to Gold Ring(1+) in your character slot, not in the inventory or any else.

5.) Disable your Windows Firewall and Anti-Virus Protection to avoid showing errors

Note: You can always replace the original msvcp71.dll with the msvcp71.bak included (simply rename it to .dll)

Rakion God mode Hack


Anonymous said... on 13 July 2008 at 06:34  

Can you post hucks for perfect world online pls????

chroncile said... on 13 July 2008 at 13:07  

I play that game too, what's your user name? :D

Anonymous said... on 21 July 2008 at 04:12  

Im play on russian server ))

RakionNoob said... on 12 November 2008 at 00:07  

Do u Mean buy a Golden Ring (1) Or automatic give u 1 Golden Ring(1) ????

Ultrapowerpie said... on 13 November 2008 at 23:54  

I guess it has been patched. I saw this hack some months ago, and after several days that it was released, it got patched.

I tried that hack already. Thanks to that crappy patched hack, I know have to re-download Rakion, and re-install it. Till now, Rakion still has an error - ModelsSV.xfs error.

Oh well, it screwed up my rakion now.

Regarding the legit hack, after using the hack for above roughly 10-15 minutes, Rakion closes automatically.

Ultrapowerpie said... on 15 November 2008 at 04:56  

OK, I fixed my Rakion, after re-installing and re-downloading for hours >.<.

Ultrapowerpie said... on 15 November 2008 at 18:27  

Thank you. Could you kindly see if you could fix my problem for the other Legit Hack? Thanks once again.

P.S. I saw the Stat Hack on YouTube before. It could 1-Hit Kill the Gold Golem and kill the player too.

Anonymous said... on 6 March 2009 at 04:28  

:)) ;)) ;;) ;) :p :(( :) :( :X =(( :-o :-/ :-^ :l 8-} :)] ~x( :-t b-( :-L x( =))

It's not working anymore...
Since those Necrodudes appeared...
Hate patches...

Anonymous said... on 8 March 2009 at 03:26  

hindi naman gumagana ang hack na 2................

Anonymous said... on 8 March 2009 at 03:49  

ilan ba dapat ung golden ring 3 ba dapat

Anonymous said... on 10 March 2009 at 08:00  


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