This hack's security features include:

Fully Punkbuster Proof
Produces Clean Screenshots

How to use:

Start Exodus Gold.exe...

DO NOT use in [SEC] servers UNLESS you have loaded the safe.cfg settings
All other settings will be detected in [SEC] servers.

F5 - Teleport
Keypad + - Walk through walls while pressed


+Bone Aimbot
+Origin Aimbot
+Aim at: Head,Neck,Torso,Pelvis,Arms,Legs,Chest
+Aim on Mouse1, Mouse2, AutoAim
+Auto shoot
+Hyper fire
+Instant Fry
+One SHot Kill
+Stats Box
+Skin Hack
+NoClip (walk though walls)
+No Fall Damage
+Gravity Selector
+Name ESP
+Distance ESP
+Weapon ESP
+Box ESP
+Admin ESP (highlights admins in blue)
+Auto health
+Auto armor
+Get all items (get all pickups from around the map)
+Steal flag (when in CTF game, gets the flag from wherever you are)
+Votespam (so you can\'t get voted from server)
+Fully PB Proof
+Clean Screenshots
+GUID Changer (if in the very unlikely event that you do get screenshotted, a fake GUID will be given)
+Save/Load settings
+Speed hack
+Speed Selection
+No Reload
+Player burn (makes players appear to be burning or electrecuted without killing)

Exodus Gold


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Anonymous said... on 9 March 2009 at 18:44  

oui je me demande comment il fond merci

Anonymous said... on 24 October 2009 at 01:03  

what cant i use?? sec?

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