• Autoaim (auto aims at the closest enemy near you, not good to use when there are alot of enemies in range).
  • Autofire (auto fires and shoots faster then normal, don't use this much cause people can tell alot of the time your shooting to fast).
  • NoRecoil (Perfect aim with no shaky movements).
  • NoFog/FogOn (Takes out all fog, very good to use but once you use it you cant get the right fog color to come back most of the time. so not good to use when a admins on the server).
  • FireRate changing (pretty much pointless, it messes some gunz up and doesn't make much of a difference).
  • Doorhack (Opens all doors in your near environment, just point at a door and hit E. This only works when ESP is on).
  • ESP (shows where everyones at and there health, name, distance, etc....).
  • Wallhack (Lets you see through walls, its always on when you have ESP on).
  • Namechanger (Lets you change your name to whatever you want, very good to use so when your cheating your actual name doesn't get on a banning list and people wont kick you cause your names always different).
  • Mousewheelzoom (Lets you zoom in or out with the middle mouse wheel, it gives you better chances to hitting someone for most guns).
  • Noflash effect (lets you still aim and shoot when your flashed)
Admin-Warning-System (Says Admin Warning Under your crosshair when there is an admin in on the server and you should not use nofog, and ESP visuals when you See this warning because they can see them being used when they watch you play, only use autoaim pretty much if you going to play with an admin).

America's Army Private Hack Pack


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pass is what??

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