AVA APMacro Hack

This AVA cheat is a macro that allows you to fire at a higher rate thus increasing your score.

How to use this AVA Macro
  1. Download and extract the hack
  2. Open Task Manger (CTRL+Shift+ESC)
  3. Go to the services tab
  4. Click on Services... Button in the bottom right
  5. Scroll down until you find Xsherlock
  6. Right click it and select properties
  7. In the Start up type, put it as disabled
  8. Click on the Stop button
  9. Click Apply and OK
  10. Run Alliance of Valiant Arms
  11. Alt+Tab out of the game and run the macro
  12. Use the F8 button to start or stop the macro


DayZ Single Player Mod

This DayZ hack allows you to play in single player mode which is great for when you want to practice shooting zombies, 1H backflips, etc.

How to use this DayZ cheat
  1. Download and extract the mod
  2. Move the DayZ_SP.Chernarus.pbo file to the \arma 2 operation arrowhead\Missions folder
  3. Move the dayz_code.pbo file to the \arma 2 operation arrowhead\@DayZ\Addons folder
  4. Run DayZ as normal, 
  5. Navigate to Singleplayer -> Scenarios -> DayZ SP. 
  6. Press 0 twice to view the cheat menu
  7. Enjoy